Electronics and Motion Components#

This chapter contains information on electric power and electronics of the robot, including information on wiring, batteries, motors, and control system.



Wire gauge refers to the diameter of wire. AWG stands for American Wire Gauge, the general system used in the US. The larger the gauge number, the smaller the wire diameter. Generally, servo wires are 22 AWG and motor wires are 18 AWG.

Grounding Strap#

The REV Grounding Strap is used to ground the metal frame of the robot to the XT30 port of the Expansion Hub. It is currently the only legal way to ground your robot.

A REV Robotics grounding strap
USB Retention Mount#

The USB Retention Mount, sold by REV, is a plastic part affixed to the Expansion Hub that relieves stress on the USB Mini port. This is especially important because if the USB cable is loose or disconnected, the robot phone cannot communicate with the Expansion Hub, causing a disconnect.


For teams using an expansion hub, it is highly recommended for teams to purchase the USB retention mount.

A USB retention mount attached to a REV Expansion Hub