Motor Glossary#

Core Hex Motor#

The Core Hex Motor, sold by REV, is different from the standard RS-555 series motors that are generally used by FTC® teams. It features a 90 degree orientation and does not contain an output shaft. Thus, teams will have to cut 5 mm hex shaft to length as needed. The Core Hex motor has a slow gear ratio (72:1), and is not as powerful as the RS-555 series motor.


We advise teams to go against the Basic Bot Guide provided by FIRST®, as Core Hex Motors should NOT be used to power drivetrains.

A REV Robotics Core Hex motor
HD Hex Motor#

The HD Hex motor, sold by REV Robotics, is a RS-555 series motor with spur gear and planetary gearbox options. The motor has a 5mm hex output shaft compatible with REV’s motion system.

A REV Robotics HD Hex motor
NeveRest Motor#

The NeveRest Motor, sold by AndyMark, is a RS-555 series motor that is available in spur gear and planetary options. It has a 6mm D-shaft output compatible with Actobotics motion system.

Yellow Jacket Motor#

Yellow Jacket motors are the RS-555 series motor and planetary gearbox sold by goBILDA. It has a 6mm D-shaft and is available in many different gear ratios from 3.7:1 up to 188:1.

A Yellow Jacket motor

UltraHex is 1/2” aluminum hex shafting sold by REV Robotics. There is an inner 5 mm hex bore in the middle, which allows compatibility with REV’s 5 mm hex shaft motion system. The 5mm hex bore also allows for a 1/4-20 or M6 screw to be tapped into it. 1/2” hex is also compatible with many FRC® vendors.

A piece of ultrahex shaft
RS-550 Series Motor#

The RS-555 series motor is the standard motor in FTC. It forms the base for the Andymark NeveRest, REV HD Hex, and goBILDA Yellow Jacket motors.

A RS-555 motor, in the form of a bare NeveRest motor