Vendor Guide#

Vendor Identification#

When you read some Bill of Materials (BOMs) or part numbers that are references in this guide, it might be confusing to find what vendor the part you need comes from. The obvious thing to do is Google the part number, and generally it can identify what you want and where it comes from. But if that fails, here are some quick tips to identify the vendor selling what you need.

Prefix Identification#

  • AM- signifies AndyMark (i.e. AM-0447)

  • REV- signifies REV Robotics (i.e. REV-31-1155)

  • WCP- signifies West Coast Products (i.e. WCP-0117)

SKU Identification#

  • Actuonix: 3-4 digit SKU, alphanumeric, in the form of XX00 or X00 (i.e. PQ12)

  • goBILDA: 12 digit SKU, numerical, in the form of 0000-0000-0000 (i.e. 3213-3606-0001)

  • Pitsco/Tetrix: 6 digit SKU, W + 5 numbers, in the form of W00000 (i.e. W44260)

  • Servocity/Actobotics: 6 digit SKU, numerical, in the form of 000000 (i.e. 615190)

Where can I get …?#