Mini Turrets#

Mini turrets are turrets that pivot something small, typically an end effector. These are often at the end of a linear extension or arm. These are much simpler than full turrets, because they are physically smaller and deal with much smaller loads. There are many ways to implement a mini turret, and generally any of the methods mentioned on the Full Turrets page will work, but the center-bearing technique is the most common, as it is the simplest.


  • Allows for accurate mechanism rotation, without drivetrain movement.

  • Much simpler than a full turret.


  • Heavier than just an end effector, which is especially important on the end of slides/arms because of mechanism speed and center of gravity.

  • More complex than no turret.

  • Provide fairly limited range compared to full turrets.

12518 Almond Robotics' Mini Turret

12518 Almond Robotics, Freight Frenzy, a center-bearing mini turret on the end of slides used to rotate a scoring mechanism with a servo#